Willow the Pug cross in her new home

Willow Wednesday - Part 1

New Year, New Adventure

Letting go isn’t easy as and I was still too prone to welling up about our little Sophie when people regularly asked when are you getting another dog? It rapidly became irritating and frustrating in equal measure because @nicoleatcherrygarden and I would know when we were ready. Just before Christmas, I was looking after the chickens when I thought holding them is nice but it’s not the same as family snuggles in front of the TV with a pooch.

So started to discuss the pros and cons of a dog, but the one ironclad decision was not to get a Staffy as it felt like we would be trying to replace Sophie who was irreplaceable and will always be in our hearts.

So we went down a different route on a new adventure and found little Willow, a rescue who was locked in a shed for the best part of her year-long life. She was adopted from @angels.small.paws.dog.rescue on New Year's Eve and it was such a lovely way to usher in 2023. She is a pug cross and is very sweet in nature with a slightly manic streak when zipping around the garden like a little furry missile.

Little quirks are appearing as she gains confidence. After pre-work morning play fight/cuddles she tries to get to my coffee and I think that’s the last thing this little speed demon nutter needs. She also hates the military jets that fly over and barks at them in the wimpiest funny little way. Also when charging around the garden so fast it looks like her eyes are going to roll back in her head, in the middle of a circuit, she will intermittently pirouette, grab a mouthful of grass and then charge off again. These are just some of the little lovely things that you discover on the journey and that’s why I’m going to share that every Wednesday or Willow Wednesday.

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