Furry Friends - Ronnie

Furry Friends - Ronnie

My portrait of Ron

Name: Ronnie Lane

Special nicknames: Handsome / fleabag 不不

Breed: Staffy

Favourite food: Duck

Favourite toy: My Rope or a Kong filled with treats 不

Favourite thing to do: Run off lead

Favourite place to do it: In the woods

Favourite person to cuddle: My mum or Fred & Allie when they take me on a group dog walk with my mates 不不

Funny story or funny quirks: Ronnie is a funny little boy he is frightened of everything but still tries to protect us whenever he is scared. 不 he thinks he is human and to make us laugh he tries to copy our face expressions he can copy a wink

Ronnie - How adorable are you?

Ronnie - How adorable are you?

Ron and his mum support Senior Staffy Club who re-home Staffieswho are 7 years or older and are one of their kennel crusaders 伐

Handsome Ronnie.

Handsome Ronnie.

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