Furry Friends - Dingo

Furry Friends - Dingo


My portrait of Dingo:

This is a recent portrait of the gorgeous Dingo. I think his colours are amazing and I loved capturing that in the portrait. Here's a little bit more about him from his fur mum.

Special nicknames: King of Cardboard, Bubba, Mr. Bubs, Bubs
Breed: Australian Kelpie x Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler)
Favourite food: carrots, blueberries, and chicken
Favourite toy: cardboard or big sticks bordering on tree limbs he has to carry through the entirety of any walk
Favourite thing to do: play chase, belly rubs, and long walks/hikes
Favourite place to do it: anywhere
Favourite person to cuddle: I'd say my husband or I but really anyone who doesn't mind some face licks in the process is his favorite.

Funny story or quirks: He doesn't use his bark to his advantage and he has a habit of locking himself in rooms but just waiting calmly to be found. The first time we left him at home (he was a COVID baby so we were worried he would react badly) we came back to a completely empty house. We proceeded to freak out thinking he ran away in retaliation, although no signs of escape, only to find him in the bathroom where he had his first incident of locking himself in a room. You'd think he would have barked when he heard us come in and yell his name 100 times but nope just sat calmly until found.

My reference picture

Dingo the Blue Heeler


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