Anyone For More Cake?

Anyone For More Cake?


Just before Christmas, I was contacted by a customer who wanted to purchase all of my 'Great Bakes' prints to be displayed together as a set on their wall.

However, they were faced with a small problem. There are eight prints in the set (available in my shop), but one of those is a print featuring all of the bakes. Only seven prints featured a single bake, and an eighth was required to make their gallery wall display work.

They got in touch to ask if I was planning to do any more and it just so happened that I had a half-finished drawing of a Dundee Cake. I'm glad they got in touch as they were very happy when I told them I could finish it and add it to the set. So if you ever have a question about the artwork you are looking for, please get in touch.

Here is the finished artwork which is now available in my shop. I can’t wait to see what they look like all together in one place on this customer's wall, but I was delighted when they contacted me to say "This is amazing, I love it. Thank you so much. Can't wait to receive them!". I aim to please.

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